07 March 2011

Photographs and documents

The wonderful thing about buying an old building with the contents is all the treasures you come across in the process of cleaning up and oh, what a process it is. American Pickers (Mike & Frank) would be in hog heaven if it was 10 years from now and all of it were antiques. Yet, the little treasures are here, photographs, books and documents, more valuable than any piece of  furniture in my opinion, if for no other reason than those items give you documentation of the history of the area.

I love the old trains, after all I am named for the Katy Rail Road. The best Birthday present I ever received was when gramps taught me to drive the train at the old round house in Osage, OK. What a wonderful treat it was to go to work with him. Check out the car's, what memories they bring back. This picture was taken in Cassville, the train however, choo-choo along all over the state and perhaps all over the United States.

The number on the side of this locomotive is 345,
it is a Frisco steam engine and ran through Cassville, and across Missouri and the nation.

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